The Fantasy Subgenre Remains Too Stuck in Its White-Centric Ways.

This week has seen a lot of hand-wringing, yelling, and controversy surrounding Black hobbits.

When darker-skinned characters were introduced in The Rings of Power, Tolkien fans went crazy.

This is the topic of the latest issue.

As Shantieh Adams of A League of Their Own put it in the Into It / Not Into It trailer.

White people often find it challenging to identify with characters who are not like them.

For a long time, black people have faced this issue. White people must now carry out that problem as well.

When anything in their experience is not centered on them, it ruffles some feathers.

Sam Sanders, the show's host, contacted Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, a professor at the University of Michigan.

The author of The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination discusses the divisive response to the casting of The Rings of Power.