Subaru is teasing a "New SUV," likely the Crosstrek, that will debut on September 15

Image Credit : RelayCars

Subaru sent a short, dramatic, low-lit teaser video for its "new SUV."

This SUV looks similar to the new Crosstrek, which will be fully revealed on September 15.

Japanese Subaru posted a 15-second teaser on its YouTube channel, mostly detailing the car on terrain or in the dark.

Subaru revealed precious few details, and the video is oddly low-res, making fine details difficult to parse.

The headlights and taillights are clearly visible, as well as some thoughts on the overall styling of the car.

All signs point to this being the Crosstrek (known as the XV in Japan), a close cousin of the aging Subaru Impreza.

Subaru's Japanese website also released a promotional image and release date for the unnamed SUV.

The most revealing image is of the new SUV entering a cave, revealing the car's front profile.

It looks wide but not tall, with details like the ride height, tires, and potential body cladding shrouded in pitch black.