Russia's rebranded Starbucks, now known as Stars Coffee, reopened in Moscow on Thursday.

Photo Credit : NCB News

One of the owners of Stars Coffee is Russian rapper Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati.

Former Starbucks coffee shops now known as Stars Coffee reopened in Moscow on Thursday.

The new Stars Coffee shops are owned by Russian businessman Anton Pinsky, Russian rapper Timur Yunusov (Timati) and Scindia Company.

In the place of the Starbucks mermaid, the Stars Coffee logo is a woman wearing a traditional Russian headdress called Kokoshnik,

Photo Credit : NCB News

Starbucks announced in May that they withdrew from Russia and closed 130 of their shops after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Starbucks opened its first Coffee Shop in Russia in 2007.

Starbucks has decided to exit and the brand no longer has a presence in the market, the company previously told Insider in a statement.