Moretz Explains How Her Personality Was Changed By A Family Guy Meme

Chloë Grace Moretz has spoken about how the Family Guy meme.

This resulted in her developing body image issues, which made her self-conscious.

Social media can be frustrating for many people and celebrities are no exception.

Actress Chloe is discussing the time when she became a target of online memes.

The actress spoke out about her insecurities in an interview with Hunger Magazine.

Chloe is referring to a Family Guy meme with the character Legs Go All The Way, Up Griffin.

Peter's aunt, as the name implies, has long legs and is even referred to as a "monster" by another character in the show.

The character quickly became a popular meme on social media.

Chloe revealed that her photo had been altered a few years ago to resemble the Family Guy character. Chloe was photographed carrying pizza boxes.