Millennial couple makes $93k while touring the nation

Amber and Jaylyn Bush spent a long time relocating to Jaylyn's Marine Corps posts.

But after about eight years, they felt like a change was necessary.

We didn't know how long we would be living in base housing and in homes that would never be ours, 30-year-old Amber tells CNBC Make It.

No matter where he was stationed, I wanted something that was ours that we could take with us.

Amber was used to moving around because she was raised in a military family.

Purchasing an RV, in her opinion, would allow them to own their own home.

Which gives them the flexibility to move quickly to any Marine base Jaylyn might be assigned to.

Her dream had always been to achieve it, claims Jaylyn, 28.

However, Jaylyn wasn't initially persuaded. The amount of money they could save was the selling point for him.