Margin Calls of $1.5 Trillion Stress Energy Trading.

Photo Credit : Yahoo Finance

Exchange rules for trade security are draining money.

Governments are under pressure to inject liquidity into the market.

According to Norway's Equinor ASA, margin calls of at least $1.5 trillion are straining.

European energy trading and pressuring governments to provide larger liquidity buffers.

The worst oil crisis in decades is sapping money to guarantee trades.

Amidst Unpredictable price swings, in addition to fueling inflation.

This is causing governments throughout the area to step in and support failing utilities,

While officials in the European Union are being pushed to interfere to stop the stagnation of the energy markets.

Finland has issued a warning that power providers may experience a "Lehman Brothers" moment due to sudden cash constraints.

According to Helge Haugane, senior vice president for gas and power at Equinor, "liquidity support will be required."

He added that while the physical market is operating, the difficulty is with derivatives trading.

The energy company's "conservative" estimate of $1.5 trillion to assist the 'paper trade'