How To Make The Most Of Your Time In Retirement By Planning And Organizing Your Time Wisely.

The retirement gift came on Joe's 65th birthday, following a knee replacement the following morning.

While it might not seem like the best retirement gift, he delayed it for as long as possible, and exposure to COVID made it timely.

In retirement, he has more time to travel with his wife.

They have traveled to Europe and South America for business, but his favorite trip is to Ireland with his wife and in-laws.

We are fortunate to spend time in both two states, Florida and Missouri.

My wife is more of a social leader than I am.

If she's not organizing activities with friends like dinner, movies, winery visits, or boating.

I usually have a project like painting the basement or moving bushes.

I can even wash and wax my car.

I just don't feel good sitting. I trust that God will guide me in the choices I make each day. It can be used for good or wasted.