For The 52nd Day In A Row, Gas Prices In Massachusetts Are Falling.

Photo Credit : Boston Herald

A gallon of regular gas costs an average of $3.972 in Massachusetts, according to AAA.

Which is $1.077 less than the state's record-high gallon price of $5.049 in June.

The price per gallon was $4.002 on Thursday.

The average price was $4.464 one month ago; at this time last year, it was $3.073 per gallon.

Despite the recent drop in gas prices, Massachusetts' average gas price is still higher than the rest of the country ($3.809).

As state officials prepare for a busy weekend of holiday travel, gas prices have decreased.

Gas prices nationwide fall below $4 per gallon, with Massachusetts at $4.32.

On Friday and Monday, heavy traffic was anticipated in Massachusetts.

On Friday, the HOV lane opened in Boston and Quincy, and the Sumner Tunnel project was put on hold.

According to the report, many tourists have their sights set on international cruises to the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.