Figma's Acquisition Is A Historic Coup For Startup Investors.

A little more than a year after raising $10 billion in funding.

Adobe is paying double the that amount to acquire Figma.

The deal, which valued Figma at about 50 times annualised recurring revenue, caused shares of Adobe to crash.

The top venture capital firms in Figma expect to each earn over $1 billion.

The acquisition of Figma on Thursday stands out between this year's tech IPOs, because there have been more layoffs than IPOs.

There was no other bidder willing to pay more for the company, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Adobe has been having trouble with the design software that is provided by Figma.

This tool has a free option, is simple to use, and is used by designers at businesses of all sizes.

Annual recurring revenue is projected to more than double within the next two years, reaching $400 million by 2022.

Adobe is paying out roughly 50 instances of its yearly income in the 12 months.