F1 Singapore GP: Perez beats Leclerc in a thrilling race. Leclerc, Verstappen seventh after an error

It was even delayed for 1:05 minutes and an hour because of torrential rain before the scheduled 8 pm start time.

However, the race was not verified at the finish flag. Perez is subject to an investigation after the race for a safety car violation.

The event was called to action twice, with three safety car activations also occurring in the wet-to-dry action.

The race began; Leclerc and Perez responded similarly from their front rows. However, Perez's Red Bull accelerated better as they sped away from the line.

Perez sped past the Ferrari to easily take the lead in Turn 1.

In the back, Carlos Sainz and Hamilton crossed paths in Turn 1 and came into contact in the area of Turn 2

Apex, sending the Mercedes across the track and into third.

The Stewards then reviewed the incident but decided it was not worthy of an extensive investigation.