EVGA has halted video card production, blaming Nvidia.

EVGA, a global leader in PC components, is pulling out of the graphics card business.

The business announced on its online community forum that it would stop making Nvidia graphics cards.

Meanwhile, would keep promoting and assisting "the present current generation devices."

According to Gamers Nexus, the company does not currently have any plans to build AMD or Intel graphics cards.

According to JayztwoCents and Gamers Nexus, EVGA has left Nvidia after accusing the company of anti-competitive behaviour.

That's a result of its perception that Nvidia was a "bad partner" and had chaotic business procedures.

According to the company, Nvidia made it difficult for EVGA to ascertain.

How much would it have to bill for its very own Nvidia-based products?

Before making the RTX 3080's core count public, the manufacturer would have to reveal the cost of GPUs.

Nvidia is reportedly challenging to deal with and compete against.