Ethereum and Bitcoin Continue to Fall Over the Weekend.

the Ethereum network experienced a sudden event that caused a surge in prices and a subsequent crash on Sunday.

This has led to a downturn for Ethereum and Bitcoin in the past few days.

Ethereum is down by 6% and 15% overall in the hours following the Ethereum network's merge.

On the other hand, Bitcoin fell to $19,414 on Friday and saw a brief rally on Saturday that took it above $20,000.

The boost in the price of cryptocurrencies early on Friday morning was short-lived.

However, by the end of the day, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap had fallen back to its Friday lows.

Ethereum is down 22% this week, and Bitcoin is down 10%.

The latest declines in economic indicators mirror a similar downward trend seen in previous weeks.

These data point to an overall weakening of the economy.

After the Ethereum network was upgraded, the value of ETH dropped significantly.