'Do Revenge' Star Austin Abrams Changes the Pace of 'Euphoria' Netflix film

Max Broussard, played by Austin Abrams in "Do Revenge," is very different from Ethan Lewis, who he played in "Euphoria."

Abrams filmed the new Netflix film while also continuing work on Season 2 of Sam Levinson's HBO drama.

In a conversation with TheWrap about his "Do Revenge" persona, he commented.

1. "It was a lot of fun going from a very good, warmhearted, delicate nobleman to [an] egomaniac.."

That is just so flashy and attention-seeking.

The young adult film starring Abrams, Camila Mendes, and Maya Hawke and was directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson.

The film's title, "Do Revenge," describes how former "it" girl Drea Torres (Mendes)

New student Eleanor Levitan (Maya Hawke) team up to kill each other.

Abrams, who plays Drea's ex-boyfriend, leaks a sexy film intended solely for his eyes.