paid a woman millions by accident. which she used to purchase a mansion.

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Unintentionally, 10.5 million Australian dollars ($7.2 million) were transferred to women bank account by

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Australian woman used that sum of money to buy a mansion.

The woman apparently purchased the property as a gift for her sister who lives abroad.

The judge in southeast Australia has now ordered its sale, awarding all proceeds to the cryptocurrency company.

International media attention has been drawn to the cautionary tale.

Especially after it came to light that was only made aware of the error after seven months.'s Katie Gregory, a spokeswoman, stated that the company was unable to comment because "the matter is before the courts."

Thevamanogari Manivel was supposed to receive a refund of about $68 in May 2021.

But, which conducts business in Australia under a different name, instead sent her about $7.2 million.

The error, according to the court, was made when an employee accidentally typed an account number in the payment amount field.