Ana de Armas Speaks Out About Her Relationship With Ben Affleck.

There's no time to waste! Ana de Armas has been busy working on a number of film projects.

But she's still looking for the right relationship. Although she would rather keep her private life private.

The Cuban-born beauty began a highly publicised relationship with Argo star Ben Affleck after they met on the set of their film, Deep Water.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the two were quarantined collectively.

However, Ana has less than fond memories of their time together and regrets it.

She has never been the type of person who wants media attention that isn't related to her work.

When someone is paying attention to something else instead of me, it makes me upset and disrespected.

It also feels unsafe and inappropriate.

"Especially in this country, I don't know how to find shelter," the No Time to Die actress continued.

"I don't understand how to stop it except to leave," she stated.

“I'm just interested in my work,” she added. “I want to be remembered for that. The other side doesn't interest me.