American women looked to Queen Elizabeth II as a role model.

Women from all over the United States travelled to Britain in the spring of 1953.

Many of them had never been outside the United States before.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which took place on June 2, served as the inspiration for the journey.

Many people from Iowa and Washington, D.C., made the trip. Peggy Webber and Geneva Valentine were among them.

The coronation offered both women an opportunity unique to their stories, as the protagonist, to take part in a historical event.

Elizabeth has been popular in the United States and Europe for nearly 70 years, particularly among women.

The queen may not receive as much attention compared to other more ostentatious female royals.

But it persisted. In February 2022, a survey was conducted to measure the public's opinions on various topics.

The queen's popularity with American women began from the very beginning of her reign.