Adverse Weather Conditions And High Fuel Prices Are Troubling US Farmers

Due to a lack of summer rain, Nebraskan farmer Kevin Fulton was forced to look underground for water for his crops.

The aquifer's drying up is the cause of that.

As the drought worsens, farmers and ranchers are dealing with a double whammy.

From California to the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, its deadly fingers

The majority of America's food is produced across a sizable portion of the continent.

Including 35% of its beef cattle, as well as 75% of its fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

They must travel further to find water, and the cost of pumping any water has increased due to rising fuel prices.

Only heroic efforts by farmers and ranchers have been able to keep supermarket shelves stocked in the United States.

However, a drought limits consumer options and costs money.

As long as the majority of the country experiences hot, dry weather,

Inflation will continue to be caused by rising production costs.