The Best Cryptocurrency Suggested By Market Cap To Invest In 2022

Since we’ve specified the best cryptocurrency to invest in, in 2022, let’s take a nearer look at each to determine what makes them unique.

Overall Best Cryptocurrency – Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an NFT- grounded fantasy sports game enabling participants to access six platforms. Participants can buy the native forum token, IBAT, on the Battle exchange. That’s the decentralized tournament interaction authorizing participants to sell their expenses for different currencies.

It’s in Battle Market that participants can get NFTs for their incorporations. Participants can use NFTs to add apparel and trendy accessories to their characters. That’s available in Battle Market. They can indeed change the character’s hair before joining Battle Arena, where they explore the Metaverse with VR headsets. That’s where participants can meet other participants and chitchat in real time.

IBAT Premier League is where the central motion takes place. Participants need NFT access to enter leagues and matches. In the Premier League, participants make companies and fundings to select new participants. But the best part about this game is that participants can earn while engaging themselves.

Battle Stake enables participants to earn prices as they claim. That platform offers the loftiest tips to the best player and encourages participants to choose between solo, brace, and beater mounding.  The global staking pool is another way of earning via staking. Half of IBAT marketing charges enter the collection, which distributes prices to the most active participants.

Participants who like options can access Battle Games, which provides multiple games. To buy discount IBAT, participants should do it during the presale. The profitable news is that the presale began on 11 July 2022 and is conducted until 10 October 2022. Each IBAT costs only $0.0015.

Lucky Block – Popular Competition Platform

Another best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022 is LBLOCK. It’s the native token of the Lucky Block platform, offering actors’ prices. Lucky Block has converted itself into an NFT competition platform, giving players a chance to win the main prize of $50,000. Participants admit the main prize in LBLOCK.

Participants access the Platinum Rollers Club NFT and buy 5 tickets, each valued at $1, to participate in draws. The platform hosts a daily main draw and, indeed, an NFT draw on Fridays. Holding LBLOCK as an investment is another way participants may earn it by buying LBLOCK. It has been shown the coin can go on grand bull runs.

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A return of 100 is given by LBLOCK to investors in two weeks, in February 2022. Those are massive earnings for such a short period. That’s the reason LBLOCK is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Lucky Block is constantly looking for ways to develop its platform, and it’s done that by working on a point that enables participants to buy NFTs with fiat currency, and the other development is the alternate interpretation of its native coin. To list Lucky Block on centralized exchanges, it developed an ERC20 coin. LBLOCK is listed on MEXC and LBank because the platform has been successful so far.

XRP-Top- Rated Global Payments Coin

A coin that has managed to stay in the top 10 cryptocurrency coins by request capitalization, despite a US SEC action, is XRP. It was created by the fintech company Ripple helps to enable people to transfer money worldwide affordably and efficiently.

That’s exactly what they’ve managed to achieve since it takes lower than a nanosecond to transfer XRP from one wallet to another, and it costs many cents. While Ripple is also working on  NFTs. To offer investors an easy way to buy NFTs, Lucky Block is working on integrating NFTs into its tally.

Decentraland (MANA)

We don’t have to introduce you to Decentraland If you have been watching the cryptocurrency request for quite a while now. MANA serves as the native cryptocurrency of this fast-growing metaverse that has been all the rage last time. Presently, MANA is dealing for $0.798. This is significantly lower than its each-time high of $5.90, recorded in November 2021. As Decentraland grows and evolves with new hookups and integrations, we anticipate the price of MANA to keep up.

Systems like Decentraland show that the metaverse can be for all. It brings together people, businesses, and technologies to enable a thriving metaverse that gives us a peep into the future.

The blockchain-run virtual reality platform has played an integral part in taking the decentralized metaverse movement to the millions. It’s divided into virtual land plots that are tokenized for a transparent record of power. As a colonist in the Web3 metaverse, Decentraland will continue to accumulate further value in the coming months. It’s one of the best cryptocurrencies you can get hold of right now.

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Polygon (MATIC)

One of the biggest blockchain success stories of 2021 is Polygon. It surfaced in the mainstream during a time when users didn’t know what to do with Ethereum. The blockchain, despite its amazing use cases, burned a hole in the fund. The detention in deals was an added trouble. The trauma urged numerous to leave the Ethereum ecosystem.

A decentralized Ethereum scaling platform with a helping hand is offered by Polygon. While it sounded too good to be true in the morning, Polygon has successfully enabled inventors to make scalable, stoner-friendly dApps. They feature low-sale freights without immolating security. Some of the most popular systems in cryptocurrency, DeFi space integrated Polygon for cost-effectiveness, in turn driving the price of MATIC. As the crypto request gets back on its bases with adding conditioning, we anticipate a significant swell in the price of the tokens.

The ecosystem is also fast-growing, with systems from a wide range of sectors, including DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse. Ethereum 2 won’t phase out Polygon anytime soon if the ultimate focus is on cementing its position in the request with new use cases.

Top Cryptocurrency With A Social Mission-Earthling (ETLG)

Earthling is a booming token that puts forward a strong social charge. Earthling tokens ( ETLG) will make mindfulness about climate change and initiate conduct against it using the blockchain space. It’ll realize this through a Web3 on-chain carbon neutralization business.

Earthling will help families, businesses, and individuals to reduce the impact of their carbon operation on the terrain through neutralizing tokens. The thing is to turn the world carbon-neutral and restore nature through decentralized conditioning access to the world.

$ ETLG tokens act as the energy of the Earthling ecosystem, easing its wide range of use cases and governance. It gives you advanced rights in the Earthling DAO regarding important opinions like the distribution of storeroom finances. While there is a sprinkle of systems in the request that raise mindfulness about climate change, Earthling is erecting a vast ecosystem to support this charge.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the world’s alternate- largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Still, it’s far from being infused. With an acclaimed team that has constantly been erecting and adding value, it’s only a matter of time before Ethereum bounces back into action.

ETH acts as the energy of the Ethereum blockchain, powering a wide range of dApps and use cases. As the first smart contract blockchain, it has a vast ecosystem of systems, including DEXs, advancing platforms, insurance protocols, games, and metaverses. The Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow, despite the interruptions caused by network traffic. The emergence of Ethereum-spanning results has further helped with this.

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Also, Ethereum’s move to the PoS medium is largely anticipated to access the blockchain industry. However, addressing its failings and laboriously promoting integrations, If the design keeps going ahead.

Bitcoin is one of the worst successes in the recent cryptocurrency crash. But you need to take a better look at the performance of the asset over time. As you know, cryptocurrencies aren’t just a medium for the exchange of value. They have a long way to get there. The importance of their fashionability can be explained as excellent investments.

The rising affectation and dipping interest rates in the traditional requests opened our eyes to the massive eventuality of cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrencies can not be directly told by financial programs, investors diversified their portfolios to include them. Their first preference as a digital unresistant investment is, of course, Bitcoin. Numerous assiduity experts believe that bitcoin won’t only access its each-time high of $68,789.63 but also hit 100,000 if the crypto request gets back on its bases.


While high market cap systems like Ethereum and Bitcoin are staying for the request sentiments to facilitate, Earthling introduces a unique social charge that has formerly won a community. Lucky Block, on the other hand, has some infectious play-to-earn integrations. Still, if you’re looking for the best crypto to make your cryptocurrency investment this time, it’s Battle forever. The metaverse – gaming platform has all the right rudiments to capture a wide user base. To bring both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency gamers onboard, the gaming mechanics and play-to-earn model are designed.

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